Turn Waste Into Energy

Since its establishing in Munich, Germany in 2012, henotec Group has been dedicated to buildingan environmental protection industry platform for technology cooperation, product and market cooperation, as well as capital joint-venture between China and Europe.

Qingdao henotec environment technology Co., Ltd (Qingdao henotec), one subsidiary of our Group, was established in Qingdao Sino-German Eco-Park in 2015. It specializes in innocent treatment and minimization measure of organic waste as resource, providing solution design and core facility for anaerobic biogas engineering projectssuch as treatment of kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste, garden waste as well as agriculture wastes; thus to present clients with an all-in-one, highly-effective, and cost-saving solution. We aim to turn waste into energy bysolving environment problems.


Our Vision

Leverage European advanced technologies to recover and protect environment of our homeland

Our vision is to build an environmental protection industry platform, to introduce advanced environmental protection technologies and to acoommodatethem to local conditions for a sustainable and healthy business model.To raise thepublic, industryand government’s awareness of environmental protection,interactions in environmental protection will be promoted among them. Through our work, we believe that one day everyone can breath fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food.


Business Scope

henotec Qingdao introduced the advanced Europetechnologies. One of them is dry anaerobic tunnel fermentationsuitable to treat the organic waste with high solids content, like kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste as well as garden waste. Also the semi-dry anaerobic fermentation process for treating agriculture wastes,like straw and livestock muckto produce marsh gas as well as high quality compound organic fertilizer fordeveloping of therecycling economy.

Henotec Qingdao can provide a comprehensive solution to resource-transfer treatment of organic wastes on an efficient and flexible basis. henotec Qingdao is a loyal advocate and practitioner on developing of therecycling economy. With advanced technical supports of the Europe partners,Henotec Qingdao is intent on affording the integrated solution for the Chinese environmental industry on organic waste treatment, which is high-efficient, secure, reliable, cost-saving and eco-friendly.


Our Culture

Our culture is about helping every Chinese environmental-friendly & green energy enterprise to develop in a sustainable and healthy way, and letting more enterprises shoulder social responsibility for environmental protection.

  • Eco-friendly economy: build a sustainable and sound ecosystem in the form of an efficient business model
  • Teamwork: mutual respect, information transparency, willingness to share, efficient cooperation
  • Shared interests and responsibility: distribution according to work, growing with the company
  • Integrity and honesty: honesty, integrity and Match word to deed
  • Embracing change: welcoming change, being bold in innovation
  • Sincerity and engagement: taking initiative in work and striving for the best
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